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Tower press belt filter cloth

Tower press belt filter cloth

Tower press belt filter cloth is also called vertical press belt. We have special types of filter cloths for tower press. The raw materials are mainly polyester and polypropylene. Yarns include multifilament and monofilament. The belt has great tensile strength which is very important for the tower press machine. We use Germany made clipper and glue to make the belt joint strong enough. The cloths also have excellent filtration effect and good resistance to acid and alkali. They are mainly applied to the benefication, such as copper concentrate, manganese ore, iron ore; chemicals, such as vanadium; nonferrous metals industries, wastewater treatment etc.


We use industrial high tensile strength yarns to produce the belt and insure the belt will not extend. Our belt filter cloths use Germany made stainless steel clipper as a joint. The clipper has good acid and alkali resistance and high tensile strength. Good quality industrial glue will be brushed on the surface to avoid filtrate pass through.


We can choose suitable tower press cloth type according to the customers’ working condition and requirements.

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